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The version of Tetrisly you seeing now is just the beginning of our journey on the roadmap. We have a lot of milestones and goals to reach ahead of us. Our backlog is full of new ideas and features that will change the game. We would like to transform the way you design and deliver products every day.

In Progress

  • Dark Mode in Figma and React

    Darkside of Tetrisly. Creating a well-crafted and accessible color palette for greyscale and full-color wheel in Tetrisly

  • Complete documentation

    Creting documentiton for rest of components with clear guidelines, best practices and usage rules


  • React Documentation

    Implement a new section "React Docs" on component page with necessary information for developers

  • More customization design in Plugin

    Implement new variables to change: Spacing and Border Radius

  • UI Wizard in Plugin

    Enhance the plugin with a new feature to change UI aspects in components such as choosing a secondary button style (outline or subtle)


  • BETA React Components

    Successfully integrated approx. 50% of the components from the Tetrisly for Figma offers user-friendly components designed for effortless integration.

  • Tetrisly Plugin 1.0

    The first version of our dedicated plugin with two main features: Export tokens from Figma to React and wizard to change core colors in Figma

  • Documentation is live!

    Clear guidelines on how to use Tetrisly, complete with best practices and usage rules

  • Tetrisly for Figma

    Core of Design System with 50+ unique components (That means we didn’t count each variant and primitive then there are 570+ components), 681 color variables - aliases and globals, 54 number variables - size, spacing and border radius variables based on dimension tokens, 24 typography compositions and 360+ Icons