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A clean, consistent, and pixel-perfect icon set (20x20, 1.5px) crafted specifically for modern UI design. We worked with many icon libraries in terms of creating digital products and providing the best experience for users.

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20 x 20 px bounding box power!

We worked hard to match the size and shape of our icons with the rest of the app’s UI. This modern look is all about a minimalist style with a pleasant appearance.


Yes, everything is OK! It means pixel-perfect icons on non-retina displays and light colored backgrounds. To check it out try Pixel Preview ⇧⌘P in Figma with our icons.

Icon with tags is more searchable

Every icon has a short description with keywords to let you search for it easily in Figma.

One icon, one meaning

We have carefully selected a particular icon for one meaning so that the many variants won't drive you crazy.